Current Projects

Clean Cargo: A data platform that consumes real time measurements from IoT devices to estimate and visualzie emissions of cargo vehicles in the city of Bogota.
Bogota Inteligente Alliance. Visit the website.
Funded by P4G.

VigIA: A platform for the early detection of irregularities in public contracting in the city of Bogota.
Developed for the Veeduria Distrital.
Funded by CAF.

Past Projects

ACEMS: Modeling and Control of Stochastic Networks of Resource Allocation Facilities.
ARC Center of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS). Visit the ACEMS website.
Funded by ARC, Australia.

OptiMAM: Optimising Model-Driven Service Design via Stochastic Analysis Methods This project focuses on the definition of novel algorithms to enable the optimisation of service-oriented architecture design and business process management. Visit the OptiMAM website.
Funded by the EPSRC.

MODAClouds: A Model-Driven Approach for the design and execution of applications on multiple Clouds The main goal of MODAClouds is to provide methods, a decision support system, an open source IDE and run-time environment for the high-level design, early prototyping, semi-automatic code generation, and automatic deployment of applications on multi-Clouds with guaranteed QoS. Visit the MODAClouds website.
Funded by the European Commission.

Stochastic modeling of optical buffers and switching systems based on Fiber Delay Lines.
Funded by the FWO-Flanders, Belgium.

Greenhouse gas emission abatement curve estimation.
Funded by the Ministry of Environment, Colombia.

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